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Developed in Russia game console will go on sale before the end of the year

The end of the year the Russian company GS Group, specializing in the production of equipment for reception of satellite TV, will start selling gaming set-top box of its own design, which can be used to receive the signal from the “Tricolor TV”. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The device will be running Android. It will predustanovyat about 20 games, and on a satellite channel or through the Internet, you can download additional. The appropriate agreements with developers have already been concluded. Investment in the creation of the platform was “hundreds of millions of rubles”.

The estimated cost of the gadget, the retail is set at 8 000. For comparison: the price of Sony Playstation 4 in Russia, according to “Yandex.Market, starting from 21 $ 100, and the Microsoft Xbox — 7 990 rubles. However, in the GS Group noted that they will not compete with them directly.

Until the end of 2015 the company plans to sell several thousand of consoles, and by 2018-mu — already half a million. It is anticipated that the demand for them will generate subscribers “Tricolor TV”, the number of which now exceeds 11 million people.

According to “M. video” in the past year were sold in Russia 726 000 gaming consoles major international manufacturers (especially Sony and Microsoft) is 11% more than the year before. In the money market increased by 47% to 10.4 billion rubles First place in sales (in pieces) – the Sony Playstation.

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