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5 deficiencies that should be corrected in the second generation Apple Watch

The first generation of “smart” hours from Apple was decent, but this does not mean that it is the perfect product that is ideal for all fans of “Apple” technique. The gadget has drawbacks that should be corrected in the new generation of the device. MacDigger offers to consider five shortcomings of the original Apple Watch.

“Glitches” interface and software

Third-party apps for Apple Watch, to put it mildly, disappointing. The fact is that any software for smart watches is in addition to the main program, running on the iOS platform. Basic calculations performs the smartphone and sends the data to Apple Watch, so in applications such as Overcast or Calcbot, felt significant delays and “retardation” of the interface.

In addition, apps like Dark Sky require Internet connection, so the data transfer from the network on the iPhone and then the Apple Watch can be time-consuming, particularly outside the coverage area of Wi-Fi.

High consumption of battery

Apple Watch significantly increase the burden on the smartphone’s battery. If you use an iPhone 6(s) Plus, the loss charge will not be so noticeable, but in the case of iPhone 5 or 5s you will not hurt to stock up on external battery.

Scratched case

This fact should not come as a surprise, especially for those who owns Apple Watch in stainless steel. The quality and durability of the coating gadget meets old iPod Classic. But the stainless steel, however, is more preferred due to the sapphire glass covering the watch display.

Both hands should be free

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It is strange that, even when dealing with Siri, the user sometimes needs to use both hands, though Apple Watch was designed to improve ease of interaction with the smartphone and digital technology in General.

Let’s hope that the new generation of “smart” hours from Apple will get improved integration and methods of control using voice commands.

Weak Called The Taptic Engine

Apple boasts a tactile response mechanism called the taptic Engine. Instead of the standard vibrating motor in a smart watch built system with linear actuator: gadget like for the user in response. A mechanism called the taptic Engine really does not work as the vibration motor, but the notifications can be easily missed. In the settings watchOS offered a choice between two levels of tactile signal, but even at maximum intensity of work of the mechanism leaves much to be desired.

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