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Experts argue about the possibility to unlock the Touch ID, the finger of the corpse

Experts in the field of safety conduct a discussion about what could the police use a dead body to unlock the iPhone. We are talking about the corpse of David kaylie, started a fire in the Church of Sutherland springs.

Some experts believe that it is impossible. In their opinion, Touch ID sends high frequency waves that can recognize the electric charge generated by the body of a living person.

“If the fingerprint scanner is equipped with a special sensor that recognizes a touch that is a living person, it will not work with fake. Regardless of whether you want to use a rubber copy of a print, silicone, plastic, or the finger of the corpse,” explains Daniel Edlund from Precise Biometrics. Is a company that develops software for the fingerprint sensors.

However, the views differ. One of the lawyers of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Nate Cardozo believes that Touch ID can unlock, using the corpse.

“Touch ID is definitely possible, but is unlikely to Face ID. It’s hard to say. Perhaps if you open a person’s eyes, the smartphone rasplachivaetsya. However, there is one guy who just shaved his beard, after which the system Face ID didn’t recognize him,” added Dan Tentler.

CEO UnifylID John valley suggests that if you try, you both security you can get around without any problems.

“And Touch ID and Face ID can be hacked, even if the owner of the smartphone is dead. Yes, some sensors are equipped with sensors that can determine the person is alive or not, but even they can be fooled,” said valley.

According to the information received a week ago, investigators have not managed to unlock the iPhone killer. The fact that after 48 hours since the last use, the smartphone is once again asking for the password, even if it is configured with Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple itself has approached the FBI and offered to help. Still unknown, managed agents to obtain data caylee or not, but work in this direction is underway.

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