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Expert: the us Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia

American Corporation Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia. It is reported by RNS with reference to the report of research company InfoWatch.

“Over 40 million Russians are owners of phones on Android and iOS. In practice, this means that Google and Apple know the location of one third of citizens of Russia with accuracy of 50 meters at any given time, including their movement, periods of activity, social status, have access to their photos on the device and all personal data: name, age, account numbers, circles of communication, data communications by SMS and email. Moreover, the permission to collect this information the holders of these devices provide for themselves, “signing” the user agreement”, — quotes the words of company InfoWatch CEO Aleksey Nagorny.

According to experts, to ensure the national security of Russia and suppressing uncontrolled transmission of user data to foreign companies in Russia needs to create “an ecosystem of our own competitive consumer products”, including the component database and the software.

In the materials stated that to date, the number of mobile applications is about 3.5 million pieces, with most of the software for Android and iOS so or otherwise transmit user data.

For example, 73% of apps for Android devices transfer e-mail addresses of users, 49% of the share names, 33% reports GPS coordinates, 25% transmit the actual address.

47% of iOS applications analyze and transmit to third parties information about the location, 18% share their user names, 16% being sent to the party email address.

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