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Siri this year will be competing against Microsoft officially unveiled Cortana for iOS [video]

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the voice assistant Cortana, which is available on smartphones with Windows Phone will appear on the mobile platform iOS. Smart technology is designed to compete with the personal assistant Apple Siri. In addition to Apple smartphones and tablets Cortana ported to Android devices.

Although fully comparable with the functionality of a version for Windows and Windows Phone function on other platforms can’t, they will receive notification support. Will be reported on sports events, weather forecasts and other types of notifications available on Windows.

On Windows 10 participants of the Windows Insider program in the coming weeks will be available for ‘ Phone Companion. Its functionality for the leading mobile OS will be cut compared to the “tiled” OSes, but this way fans of Google and Apple will have the opportunity to link your Windows PC and smartphone. Working on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the app will allow users to sync photos, sound recordings and other content.

Therefore, Microsoft is making another step in the direction of distribute my software on competitive platforms, where you have more potential clients.

Release Cortana for Android will be held in late June, the iPhone version will debut before year’s end. later in the year.

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