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iOS 10 will warn the user if a Lightning connector, liquid has been spilled

Earlier in the week Apple released the third beta version of iOS 10. Among the innovations of this release was discovered, the function that determines the presence of fluid in the connector to charge iPhone and iPad.

If you try to connect to a power source, the mobile device determines that the Lightning connector becomes wet, iOS 10 will display an appropriate warning.

“Disconnect the accessory Lightning

In Lightning connector becomes wet. In order to protect your iPhone, disconnect the Lightning accessory connector and wait until dry”.

The notification covers the screen of the mobile device. However, the user has the option to ignore it by clicking “Ignore”. Then Apple will warn that use of the device may damage the smartphone.

According to rumors, the company plans to make the iPhone 7 is completely waterproof, so the appearance of this feature is well within this concept.

The release of iOS 10 beta 3 was held on Monday, July 18. It fixed bugs of the previous release and added a few improvements to the interface. Among the main innovations of this release: new keyboard sound, new settings for the pronunciation and support for Siri, bug fix iMessage that allows you to read messages without unlocking the gadgets, improved notification Center on the iPad. Read more about all changes in iOS 10 beta 3 can be found here.

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