Everything interesting for the week # 61: trailer for the second season of "The Mandalorian" and Face Pay in the Moscow metro

Everything interesting for the week # 61: trailer for the second season of "The Mandalorian" and Face Pay in the Moscow metro

We summarize the results of the outgoing week with a selection of interesting news that did not make it into the main agenda.

News in one paragraph

A service that Google will definitely close: short videos appeared on YouTube, like in TikTok

Shorts is a format of short videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds that can be mixed with music. Videos can only be sent to friends or made public, and a new section will appear for watching them in the main YouTube application. At the moment, the service is only available in India, but later will work in other countries.

Source: YouTube

IKEA Announces Collaboration With ROG – Will Produce Furniture For Gamers

The line will consist of approximately 30 products. The presentation is scheduled for February 2021 in China, and in other countries, products will not appear until October 2021. Of course, the furniture will be affordable and functional. The Shanghai division will be responsible for the development, and the guys from ROG, professional gamers and amateurs will be responsible for the design in order to find the "golden mean". We wait!

Source: IKEA

Face Pay turnstiles will appear at each Moscow metro station

The head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development promised that in 2021, turnstiles with the Face Pay system will appear at each station of the Moscow metro, that is, to pay it will be enough to go to the turnstile.

Trailers of the week

The Mandalorian Season Two

Continuation of the acclaimed Star Wars series about the silent bounty hunter and the kid, whom everyone considers Yoda. In fact, the kid is just from the same race as Master Yoda, but there is no relationship between them. Season 2 airs on Disney + on October 30:

"Edge of Time"

A thriller that tells the story of two doctors who are faced with a series of unusual deaths due to a new drug and begin to independently investigate the case. The premiere in theaters is scheduled for November 5:

"Console Wars"

A CBS documentary about the "console wars" of the 90s, namely the story of Sega, which decided to vie with Nintendo. The premiere is scheduled for September 23:

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Looking at the new S-Class:

Summing up the Apple Event in the kitchen:

The final version of iOS 14 is available for download – here are the main features:

We unpacked the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 and straps:

Choosing the best music streaming service:

What do you remember about the outgoing week?

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