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Samsung plans to return to the market of explosive Galaxy Note 7 is in the form of restored vehicles

Samsung plans to start sales of Galaxy Note 7 restored in early 2017. Writes about this edition of International Business Times, citing an anonymous source in the company.

According to the information resource, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after a disastrous start and the global review can get a second life.

“Samsung has not yet made a final decision and, most likely, next year will begin selling refurbished Note 7,” — said the source. The device will primarily be on emerging markets like India and Vietnam.

At the moment, Samsung is trying to find out the cause of spontaneous combustion of the Galaxy Note 7. While it remains to companies a mystery, and experts are unable to achieve ignition of a leader in test conditions. It is assumed that the case can be controllers, power supplies and even design features of the battery module. The investigation delayed the development of the next flagship smartphone Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy Note 7 is on the market was marred by reports of spontaneous fires and explosions communicators. Initially it was assumed that the guilty batteries Samsung SDI, but after a change of supplier sources power the device continued to be heated and lit.

After numerous explosions Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean company first stopped selling, and then stopped production and withdrew all issued equipment.

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