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“Electronics”: a simple Handbook of Amateur radio [+20 promo]

Even albert Einstein claimed that if a man can’t explain a phenomenon, in simple terms, he doesn’t really understands its essence. Despite this, the vast majority of the technical literature is written in very complex language, which is not perceived by most readers. When you create the radio Amateur’s Handbook “Electronics” the main emphasis is on the availability of the report — it must capture the essence of even a user without proper education or any special skills.

The interface electronics has a modern minimalist style, made with an eye on design latest versions of iOS. The total content of the application is divided into theoretical and practical parts, supplemented by an interesting section about the types of connectors and calculator calculate the value of the resistor.

The theoretical part of the guide will enable you to become familiar with basic physical concepts, components, electronics, and electronic devices. In simple words refers to the concepts of current, voltage and resistance, the essence of the Hall effect, the laws of Joule and Ohm, and describes the unit of capacitor, resistor, transistor, diode, and many other electronics components.

The practical part will allow to get acquainted with measuring devices to learn soldering thing, to measure voltage and current, to check the efficiency of the capacitor, resistor, diode, transistor, Zener diode and transformer, and explore some practical techniques for identifying polarity and the methods of connecting wires.

Additional features of the app is to provide a convenient placed in a separate menu calculator resistors. From this the special colour code, which may consist of three, four, five or six strips, you can determine its value. Noteworthy appeared with the latest update section “Connectors”, there you can find a lot of useful information about the different types of connectors.

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As told MacDigger the developers of the program, they did not aim to create an app for a specific circle of people, it was created for everyone. The material presented in “Electronics” will be interesting for both novice and already a professional electronic engineers.

Download “Electronics” for iPhone and iPod touch [App Store]
Download “Electronics” for iPad [App Store]

The developers have provided us with 20 promo codes for free downloads of the program. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment to the article. Don’t forget to fill out the E-mail field. Good luck!

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