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The first “live” photos of the Apple Watch in the color space black posted online [photo]

It would not have tried well-known manufacturers of mobile electronics to lure customers with its “smart” clock, everyone understood that when you exit hours Apple a huge number of people will prefer them in spite of the high price or lack of certain features. A deficit, a huge queue online and delay the start of the world sales — all this testifies about the high demand for Apple’s new product. Just now Apple has begun sending some models of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was launched with huge fanfare and no less huge deficit. And if on some watches still set delivery date: June-July, the stainless steel models in the color space black the company began to deliver now. Three weeks after the start of official sales of Apple began shipping the first orders issued on April 10.

Interest in the Apple Watch due to the novelty and possibilities of the product. “Smart” watches Apple not only extend the capabilities of the iPhone and make life easier for the user, but are a stylish accessory to underline the status of the owner. In addition, this new feeling that used the user of modern electronics just couldn’t get.

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