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Dock DeX for Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in late April and will cost as percomputer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure or, at least, unpopular. Samsung demonstrated their vision of this concept. Together with the smartphone Galaxy S8, the company announced the dock DeX, which allows you to transform the smartphone into a kind of PC (with monitor with HDMI).

Docking station Samsung DeX is equipped with two ports USB-A 2.0, Ethernet, HDMI output and USB-C port for power. Using the accessory you can connect a Galaxy S8 to the monitor, wired keyboard and mouse. Manipulators can also be connected via Bluetooth, freeing up USB ports for external storage.

When the phone is connected to the docking station, the upper part is shifted, forming stand, under which is located a fan, a cooling device while heating in heavy tasks. In addition to optimized for the big screen interface and window application DeX allows you to run the browser in desktop mode. When work is required in complex applications, you can use the dock as a wireless screen for a full PC.

First, Samsung did not disclose the cost of the docking station, but then launched a website, which announced that the accessory will cost interested buyers $150 in the US. On the Russian website of the news yet.

Anyway, the price is not too high, but its not called. It is worth noting that when accounting for the cost of those Galaxy S8, set price comes to $1000. I think, for a function that still looks rather funny than really useful, $150, which in the Russian reality, will turn into 10, 000 – quite a lot.

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While all of this curious, still such ideas did not win the minds of consumers. Samsung is not the first company that tries to offer users this approach. Suffice it to recall Microsoft technology Continuum, which is still under-utilized feature of Windows-phones — possibly with the emergence of the market promised a full emulation of x86 programs on ARM-based chips, the situation improved somewhat.

Anyway, pre-orders for DeX Koreans are already taking, and the supplies promised at the end of the month.

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