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Apple TV fourth generation set sales record

In October last year, Apple started sales of the new Apple TV. According to the head of the Corporation Tim cook, the future of television applications, and hence the vector of development of the gadget: advanced hardware, a new software platform opportunities for users, development tools and app store. In the last two months of 2015 the company sold record numbers of its television receivers – more than in the fourth quarter a year earlier.

Commenting on the financial statements of Apple CEO stressed that the successful sales of the new Apple TV became one of the key contributors to the record quarterly profit of $18.4 billion

“Our team has achieved the most successful quarterly result in the history of Apple thanks to the most innovative products in the world and record sales of iPhones, Apple Watch and Apple TV, said Apple CEO Tim cook. The growth in our business services has accelerated during the quarter that allowed us to achieve record results and our database of installations recently surpassed the important mark of one billion active devices”.

The number of sold Apple TV the company did not call. The device is already traditionally included in the category “other products”, in addition to a set-top box also includes Apple Watch, the iPod, the device Beats and accessories. Revenue from these products increased compared with the previous year by 44% to $4.4 billion It Apple TV among others have enabled the company to increase profits when the growth of iPhone sales — the main source of revenue — has slowed considerably.

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All the abundance already available on hands “Apple” technique in the world will become a bridgehead for the company. As noted by cook during the conference, it is likely that iPhone sales will not grow significantly. However, he noticed that more and more revenue to bring services and applications. Thus, concluded the head of Apple, if customers are satisfied with the devices, and revenue from the App Store and iTunes will grow.

Record sales of the Apple TV 4 has provided opportunities for new device application support, user friendly interface. The latter, according to Executive Director of Disney, is the most intuitive in the industry. Future role for Apple TV company business will become even more important: according to rumors, Apple is preparing to launch its own TV service and even to start producing films and TV series.

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