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A devoted Android fan said that forced him to switch to iPhone

For years Android users are pursuing the issue with updates. The most common mobile OS is present on hundreds of millions of devices at the same time there are many older versions of the operating system vulnerable to attacks. For a fan of the platform, Lorenzo Franceschi-Benkirai this was the reason to abandon Android in favor of iPhone.

Visit the Apple smartphone Lorenzo made the news about a critical vulnerability Stagefright, which affects 95% of all phones on the platform of Google. The flaw allows an attacker with a simple MMS message to get access to photos and videos on the devices. The reason the algorithm is Android that handles the media and is executed with system privileges. The lack of a patch and generally prospects to ever receive the update forced Lorenzo to go to the dark side”. News about Stagefright, he said, was the last straw.

Lorenzo said that Google knew about the vulnerability Stagefright in the spring and even produced a patch. However, the upgrade path to users there is a delay, the blame for which lies with OEM manufacturers and operators.

“The interesting thing is that the patches are ready for release,” says the blogger. – They were sent out to Google several months ago. But you won’t get them for another few weeks (if lucky) or months (most likely) or never (likely), depending on the age of your phone. If the model is not the newest, manufacturers simply cease to support them.”

Itself Francesca-Benkirai not an iPhone fan and always had a preconceived notion about the Apple fans.

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“I was always against Apple products as I can remember. Since adolescence, when Apple was forced to use iTunes, even when I just wanted to watch the trailer in Quicktime. I never liked the “walled garden” Apple approach “we control everything” and I often laughed at the fans who faithfully wait for the next “Stuka”. However, I’m tired of what’s going on with Android and is ready to move to the “dark side”, – the blogger writes.

Lorenzo notes that when a security flaw is found in iOS, Apple quickly closes it, releasing an update for all my iPhone without any issues.” “When this happens on Android, Google is preparing a patch, and then.. God knows when AT&T, Verizon, HTC, or Sony decides that they want to update. “What can I say, even their own Nexus phones, Google has not yet defended from Stagefright,” he adds.

“What remains of the Android users? You can continue to use a modified version of the OS that offers your manufacturer, make root and install more interesting and frequently updated firmware CyanogenMod… or to abandon Android and buy an iPhone. I chose the last option,” he concluded.

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