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Created strap for Apple Watch that lets you take an ECG [video]

One of the most promising areas for startups is becoming digital health — a new market uniting the capabilities of high technology and medicine.

Us company AliveCor has developed an accessory that allows you at home to do an electrocardiogram. The device is made in the strap of the Apple Watch with two electrodes on the reverse side. Mobile cardiac monitor, according to the developers, promises great opportunities for early diagnosis of heart disease and is a powerful tool to monitor the condition.

All that is needed to make ECG — connect the band to the Apple Watch and wear your smart watch on your hand. Open the application, select the duration of the test and is ready. Once the information is received, it can be displayed on the computer display or sent to cloud storage and transmitted to a medical center for analysis. Information can be aggregated to monitor heart disease.

Despite the promise that accessory, of course, it is difficult to imagine a situation where the nurse puts on hand of the next patient of the Apple Watch, and then looks at the screen, registering the readings of the device. By the way, AliveCor launched the production of his first heart monitor for smartphones in late 2012, but only last year got permission from the FDA to sell it to all comers, and not only as directed by your doctor.

AliveCor plans to start selling ECG-strap for the Apple Watch in 2016. The accessory will cost $199.

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