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“Cossacks” vs. iPhone: a Patriotic performance in St. Petersburg was not supported by the Russians [video]

The so-called St. Petersburg Cossacks together with the showman Stanislav Baretsky conducted a “RAID” in the Petersburg salon of cellular communication. This time with cries of “need to use” in front of the camera was broken smartphone iPhone. According to the singer, the aim of the campaign is to stimulate domestic production.

On the record shows, as costumed in purple jacket Baretsky is in the shop and taken to “expose” foreign gadgets.

“But you didn’t trade in such products and to show all that you need to use at least produce our goods, I will do this thing,” said the showman and concurrently the administrator of the cemetery from the town of Lomonosov. Then he took an iPhone and smashed it on the floor. Then it breaks in half, the Samsung tablet, after which tearing can of beer hands and teeth. Security store at the time idle.

“I came into the store in St. Petersburg, asked the seller iPhone show, he showed, I broke it, and a Samsung tablet he showed me, I’m too broke, commented deed Baretsky in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”. – Actually, I asked if Russian phones, but they don’t trade them at all. And we have also made our phones.”

“This action was not against the use of gadgets, and was meant to show that we need her to do something, your gadgets, to revive the electronic factories. Phones are, in General, I think, can be elementary to do. Technology to buy. And to do that. Why should we have to buy it, it costs big money? I broke some kind of “fourth” of the iPhone, and could break the sixth, if he gave it to me, and I wanted to “sixth” to break, but he gave me the “fourth,” said S. Baretsky.

The musician also said that currently enjoys the “old Nokia” purchased prior to the sanctions, so the “no crack not feels”. “And the Finns, by and large, our brothers. Why am I in iPhone needs to download all for money? Srisuyte design, change the logos, as the Chinese are doing,” he added.

Now on the Internet there is a discussion of this video, mostly the reviews are the most negative (caution Mat).

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