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Color Match — a time-killer for pumping the reaction

If you have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, fun and development of skills, why not take advantage of her and not to pump your concentration and reaction with the free games?

Color Match — blooded time-killer for all criteria. It doesn’t matter how much free time you have is one minute or ten. Just start the game, press the “Start” button and go!

On the screen in a random way will appear different shapes and colors. The player must correctly and quickly answer the only question: same as the presented color figures or not. If the answer was not provided in a matter of seconds or was incorrect, the player is a loser and it all starts again.

According to the developers, 98% of players can’t score more than 10 points. Couldn’t agree more, because the game is really not easy. To achieve at least some acceptable result, you have to fully concentrate on the process.

Many years ago a certain popular had software that helped to develop the level of response and the so-called “micro” and was the original trainer for competitive players. Color Match of this series, but with one big advantage: the game always with you and in entertainment, can “coach” you during a long trip in the subway, in the agony of waiting their turn and any other place.

The game is available in App Store for free, but after a certain number of attempts to exceed their own and others ‘ records shows the user the trailers of other games from the app store. If desired, the cinematics can be turned off for 15 rubles.

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Color Match — good time-killer that will test your speed and accuracy of decision-making. Install and learn, are you one of those two cent special people?

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