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British designer introduced the concept of dynamic icons for iOS

British designer Matt Sayward developed the concept of application programming interface for iOS that allows you to create dynamic icons, reports Lookatme. His development he called IconKit.

According to Saward, some apps for the iPhone and iPad use the number of notifications on the icon as a way to show additional information. For example, calendar Fantastical reports on the counter today, Living Earth — temperature, and Clear — unfinished business. However, the icons in iOS, you can give additional functionality. Such idea Sayward prompted the announcement features Force Touch, which allows you to perform additional steps in a strong tap on the screen or touchpad.

The designer has identified five types of dynamic icons. First, they can act as a switch. For example, strong pressing on the app icon Remote will pause the playback in iTunes or Apple TV. If you hold your finger on the icon, says the designer, it starts rewinding the recording (if you slide to the right or left to fast-forward or rewind). Icon-switch would be useful for smart home devices and applications on HomeKit.

Secondly, the application icon will display text information. For example, the number of steps and time to the exit, before the rain starts, prompts in navigation (where to turn), the score of the current match, and more. You will need to use the font San Francisco Display, and the length of the string should not be longer than six characters (small font).

Thirdly, the application can be several variants of icons. This option considers Saward, perfect for to-do lists and weather apps. The first can show how many cases are scheduled for today (up to four) and how much is left. And the second to change the icon depending on the forecast.

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Fourthly, strong pressing start some action in the background. For example, start a timer in Harvest, the recorder in Voice Memos or will the car Get through To Car. Finally, Force Touch it is possible to use the principle of “hot keys”. For example, the usual tap on the Twitter icon will open the app, and strong — screen with the new entry.

Saward notes that icons are supposed to be dynamic when the application is running. In addition, in the iOS settings, you can add the item to disable IconKit.

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