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Apple even closer to the market capitalization of a trillion dollars

Recently Apple published a report for the fourth fiscal quarter. Many analysts believed that sales and revenue will decline before the start of sales iPhone X. In fact, its market capitalization has increased, and Apple became the first Corporation that has passed the barrier of 900 billion dollars.

AAPL share rose 3.2%. On Friday, after publication of the results for the quarter Apple securities rose to a record amount 173,49 dollar.

Also during the conference call Tim cook predicted sales on the level 84-87 billion in the next year. Financial analysts expect a result in 85 billion. This suggests that the iPhone X seems companies and investors are extremely promising product.

It is believed that high rates of Apple have a positive impact not only on the Corporation itself. Journalists from The Street believe that the achievements of the iPhone maker will have a positive impact on the industrial index Dow Jones.

On the background of recent events significantly increases the likelihood that the company’s market capitalization will grow to a trillion dollars in 2018.

In may 2017 the market value of Apple reached $ 800 billion, and in February of this year – $ 700 billion.

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