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Blizzard started developing a new game for iOS and Android

Blizzard Entertainment is thinking about developing a new mobile game, evidenced by a vacancy opened at the company’s official website. The team of developers required programmers, in order “to contribute to mobile projects Blizzard” and to prepare the tools for designers and artists.

Many companies are not willing to tell in advance about their planned projects. Therefore, one of the best ways to find out any information in advance is the monitoring of the associated resources. During the next learning of the official Blizzard sites users found a new position in the company, involving the development of mobile games.

The opened vacancy is in the so-called the incubation Department, which is working to create new projects. We are talking explicitly about the card game Hearthstone – it has its own section. Blizzard is looking for someone with extensive experience for the position of developer tools. Among the requirements – knowledge of Unity framework and the desire to develop mobile games.

Not long ago, Blizzard co-founder Allen Adam and a few other employees went to various unannounced projects. One of these games will be a new title in the first person, which is not yet known. In addition, we have expanded the team of Diablo.

Speaking at the VentureBeat conference in February, chief Director of development Frank Pearce told that StarCraft and Overwatch franchise potentially suitable for mobile devices. Guided by the great success the team shooter Overwatch, it can be assumed that a mobile game can really be created based on it.

At the moment we know that Blizzard is working on two unannounced projects: new Diablo and mysterious game with a first person.

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