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“Beeline” zeroed traffic in Google Maps and “Yandex.Navigator”

“Beeline” announced the nullification of the traffic in mobile mapping applications. The option called “Unlimited card” is already available to smartphone users.

The action involves Google Maps, “Yandex.Cards”, “Yandex.Navigator”, “Yandex.Transport” and 2GIS. It applies to subscribers who connect option in the period up to 15 June 2017.

To activate the option “Unlimited” in mobile application “My Beeline” or by using special commands *115*15#. Within 31 days from the date of connection Internet traffic in these map applications is not charged. After this period, the option price is 3 rubles per day.

“Creating new products and services, improving the quality of mobile Internet and expanding the number of cities with 4G/LTE, we give our customers the opportunity to use their mobile device to the maximum. It is important for us to use their usual services without any limitations to achieve their goals. So specially for them we have updated the terms of the option “Unlimited card” and disabled the billing popular navigation applications,” says Beeline.

The option “Unlimited” is valid in Russia with the exception of the Taimyr municipal district, the EMO Norilsk and Igarka city of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. These regions will act MBS payment in accordance with the terms of the tariff plan.

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