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“Beeline” increases the tariffs to the users have enough traffic

Today, “MegaFon” announced the increase in the cost of the old rates. Two days earlier, the changed value of archival tariff plans of “Beeline”. The company explained that “it is cheaper and more convenient”, because many subscribers who do not have enough of mobile Internet package, I had to connect the VAS.

Rose old rates “Beeline”. Customers transferred to block tariffs introduced in may. For Moscow subscribers fee then increased by 10-40%. Most users will increase the volume of mobile Internet traffic, but it will decrease the number of minutes of voice communications.

What caused the increase of tariffs, explained the press-Secretary of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva.

“It’s tariff plans, which were introduced quite long time ago and now are no longer available. We often see that most of the clients of these outdated tariff plans lacks adequate Internet traffic, so we increased the content package, mobile Internet in some of these tariff plans on the average on 1 GB. It’s much cheaper than buying some additional options to connect them, and it is much easier when you immediately know that your tariff plan is that the number of mobile Internet that matches your needs. The cost varies very slightly. We hope that these changes, however, appreciated by our clients who do not have mobile Internet”, – quotes the words of the BFM Aybasheva.

“Beeline” began to raise rates after a decline of revenue by 0.4% last year. In the first quarter of this year, mobile traffic in terms of subscriber increased by more than a third, while revenues from mobile communications increased by 1% year-on-year. This is the first significant growth over the last four quarters.

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Raises prices not only “Beeline”, said General Director of analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov.

“With regard to the increase in the cost of the tariff plans of any operator, usually the operator tries to spend it quietly. Thus, according to the legislation, he has ten days to notify its subscribers concerned. I must say that the current increase in VimpelCom’s probably not the only one among all operators, all the operators in one way or another raises or raise prices on tariff plans, both archival and current. What happens is, shall we say, probing the market, how much the subscriber is willing to pay this amount, despite the increase in, say, the size of the Internet in this tariff plan. Time will tell, the market is competitive”.

MegaFon also announced the increase in the cost of archival tariffs. The cost will increase from July 24 to subscribers in the Central region — the Bryansk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel, Ryazan and Tula. This will increase the size of the mobile Internet packages from 8 to 9 GB.

In may, Tele2 also increased two rate archive in Moscow for 50% and 16%. MTS sometimes point changes rates, for example, gives more traffic and increase the price of the unused services, the company said.

By early summer, all operators of the “big four” abandoned the unlimited data plans. While there are signs of weakening of competition in the cellular market.

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