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Apple Pay Cash recognized as the best service for transfer money

Services to send money is gaining popularity, but they all suffer from one serious drawback, which is deprived of an Apple product.

Resource Consumer Reports conducted a global test for the five most popular digital service for transferring money according to five basic criteria: authentication, payments, data security, data privacy, user support and adoption.

Despite the fact that they all function normally and perfectly cope with its task, Apple Pay Cash was one of the major benefits that can influence the choice of users.

This privacy and data security. Apple collects the minimum information about the people using their services. The Corporation does not store credit and debit cards, she sells information about users to other companies.

Other services such reverent attitude to privacy can not boast. All four competitors received the lowest score for privacy.

It is also worth noting that the only downside of Apple Pay, Cash said, is that this feature can only be used on Apple devices, while the solution from other companies available on Android or on the web.

Apple Pay Cash is a service for sending money through proprietary messenger iMessage Corporation launched in 2017. In Russia, this function is not yet working.

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