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Ball is socket: Belarusian invented an infinite energy source for smartphones

Student of Belarus Mikhail Vaga invented pocket electricity generator HandEnergy that can charge a smartphone anywhere and anytime. The device resembles the shape of a toy Powerball: the user just need to spin it to get electricity.

Inside HandEnergy is powerful rotor, which is started by starting rotation of the ring. The rotation speed is 5000 rpm. It provokes the creation of electricity, which transformirovalsya in the current. Pocket generator equipped with a battery of 1000 mAh battery and USB 5V, 1A can charge any gadgets, ranging from smartphones and tablets to “smart” watches, fitness trackers and cameras. Vaga has successfully collected funds for the production of the device: the inventor plans to sell it everywhere from the U.S. to Japan.

HandEnergy advantage over external batteries is that the generator does not need to be recharged — the energy produced during the rotation and accumulate inside the device. In addition, the device helps to train the muscles of the arms and pectoral muscles.

Initially, the device was conceived as a charger, but then appears around the whole ecosystem and app with multiple functions. The user can see the battery level, set the level of power generation, and view statistics and find themselves in the top 100 of all users HandEnergy. The gadget is similar to gyroscopic exerciser — and it can really be used for training.

The accelerometer inside HandEnergy allows you to use the gadget as a controller for games. Rotation — run, move — rotate left or right. The first few games of Vaga and his team are going to do it yourself, third-party developers will be able to operate the system via the SDK. Thanks to energy generation, this controller will never need to be recharged.

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Now the team is completing the fundraising for the production of the first batch of devices on Indiegogo. When HandEnergy will receive all who participated in the crowdfunding campaign, they will be sold via the Internet and wholesale network. According to the inventor, now turning to him wholesale distributors from all continents. HandEnergy the cost is $ 79.

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