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Attention to detail: 10 design solutions that make Apple products unique

Apple is known for its attention to detail inherited from her ideological inspirer and founder Steve jobs. The arrangement of the equipment in the stores, the colors used in advertising materials, design signage – all subject to very careful scrutiny.

For example, the built in iPhone speakers, unlike competing solutions that are in the lower end of the device. Thanks to this technical solution, we hear loud, clear sound when the phone lies on the table or sofa. In the same situation the other manufacturers devices emit a dim and fuzzy sound. If you think this is a minor point, imagine that you didn’t answer an important call or missed the meeting due to the fact that he did not hear the phone ring.

Many of these details remain unnoticed by the users, they are cosmetic and do not seem relevant. However, the fact that Apple is using things again and again tries to give customers a pleasant sensation on the use of technology, says that the company sets standards in the market.

1. Breathable power indicator

In 2002, Apple has patented “breathing led”. The idea is that in sleep mode the light bulb computer would have batted an eye at certain intervals and resembled the rhythm of human breathing. It’s calming effect on a person.

2. “Smart” fan

If you enable the voice input to enter text on a new Mac laptops, the fan speed inside the body will slow down, so the technique could better hear and recognize human speech.

3. The motion of the Earth in real time

If the maximum zoom out in the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac app will show a picture of earth, which will be in real time to display the rotation of the planet around the sun.

4. “Smart” Caps Lock

If you quickly press Caps Lock key on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Apple’s wireless keyboard, nothing happens. So the button is not triggered accidentally during a high-speed printing, it has been programmed to change the register only after long press.

5. Fresh flowers and fish

In hours Apple Watch and the iPhone 6s are dynamic images in the form of flowers, jellyfish, tropical fish. This is not computer graphics as it might seem. Animals on smartphones are selective forms of fighting fish or Siamese males. To create a “live” Wallpaper Apple even sent a film crew to Thailand for filming. As for the colors, for one of the dials flower was photographed more than 24,000 times over 285 hours of 11.8 days). So Apple got the animation drop-down Bud. In order to remove the movement of jellyfish, in the Studio Apple was established aquarium, where it was shot on a Phantom camera at a speed of 300 frames per second.

6. Hidden magnets

Now all iMac the default iSight camera. But in the upper part of the body of old candy bars, from the inside, was like a magnet. It was located exactly in the center, so that the user who purchased “webcam” separately, always knew what the best place to put it.

7. Rebounding regulators

Next time, when you will adjust the brightness or level of sound on an iPhone using the control center, swipe your finger a little faster and you will see that the regulator for some time by inertia will move. If you swipe fast enough, the controller will jump back from the edge.

8. High quality sound

For professionals using optical cables, Apple has integrated in MacBook Pro high quality standard of output Toslink. The system immediately switches to it once in the laptop is inserted the optical cable.

9. One finger

Apple designs hinges branded laptops in such a way that the lid can be lifted with just one finger. However, just bought at Macy’s do not open as easily.

10. Configure the fingerprint scanner

If you want to add or remove print in the scanner settings iPhone, Apple has provided the ability to determine which finger is correlated with every cast even if you left their names by default. Going into the settings, you need to touch the biometric sensor and iOS will show the corresponding line. Hint: if you want to recognize iPhone wet fingers, for example in the rain, quite specifically to wet your finger and add it to the database.

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