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Attempt by Samsung to copy Galaxy S8 one of the main functions of the iPhone 7 failed miserably

On Wednesday, Samsung introduced a new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, which must not only meet expectations, but also pass the picky test.

Whatever the previous Galaxy S, the new flagship surpassed them. It is both a failure similar to the Galaxy Note 7 and other South Korean flagship LG G6. With past Samsung devices the new have in common is angled on the sides of the screen, and with the new LG – the complete lack of controls on the front panel and the unusual aspect ratio.

Most of the users met Galaxy S8 positively. Fans Android rarely so enthusiastic about the new models. Unfortunately, as in any other device, the new Galaxy has flaws, which is poorly copied from the iPhone 7 feature.

Many Apple fans have criticized Samsung for copying the name of your smartphone. We are talking about Galaxy S8+. However, this is not the main claim to the manufacturer. Samsung often enough follows in the footsteps of its competitor, so to come up with nothing. With specific regard to Galaxy S8, the device proved to be quite distinctive, it has little borrowing from the iPhone. However, the South Korean flagship got one function that Samsung clearly did copy Apple.

On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus missing Home button, at least in the traditional sense. Apple made the touch and imitation of clicking is fulfilled with the help of the Taptic Engine engine. This is a fairly complex and advanced solution, which Apple worked more than 5 years.

Samsung tried to introduce a similar feature in the Galaxy S8. The company abandoned the mechanical buttons below the display in favor of larger diagonal. Key “Home” has given way to the virtual key touch button like the iPhone 7. The button has tactile feedback but it works not as in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Samsung claims that engineers and designers had to work hard, but we are talking about an ordinary button with tactile feedback. First of all, working out pressing the Galaxy S8 is not as accurate and sophisticated as a 3D Touch on the iPhone. On the whole it bears little resemblance to real click both on smartphones Apple. At first it may seem that it is a trifle, but such trifles and built opinion on any product.

Because Apple wants to completely get rid of physical buttons, the Taptic Engine each time will be better, and the simulation will be more realistic, in that time, Samsung simply failed to reiterate the idea of a competitor.

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