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Asus: ZenFone Zoom 3 is much longer in offline mode and charges faster than the iPhone 7 Plus

Asus has released a promotional video which compared the charging speed and battery life of smartphones ZenFone Zoom 3 and iPhone 7 Plus. According to the manufacturer, the device is quite correct to compare with each other, as both have 5.5-inch displays with a resolution of 1080p.

Judging by the form, the device Asus has been running longer than the iPhone 7 Plus when shooting and playing back video. But to call this a surprise because the Asus smartphone is equipped with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, while the iPhone 7 Plus – 2900 mAh. In addition, the Android device has a built-in Quick Charge from Qualcomm, so the charging time is significantly less than the iPhone.

Of course, Asus forgot to mention the fact that 3 ZenFone Zoom is a device of the middle class is not the highest performing Snapdragon 625, while the iPhone 7 Plus – the flagship device, which is equipped with the most efficient mobile processor, Apple’s A10 Fusion.

Asus for example, Apple has equipped its machine the two main cameras. Engineers Taiwanese company was close approach of Apple, which put at the rear of the iPhone 7 camera two lens with different focal distance. 3 in ZenFone Zoom also two raznoformatnyh lens, resulting in a 2.3-fold optical zoom. It is necessary, first of all, good for portrait shots and better detail when you zoom in.

However, the ZenFone Zoom 3 does not compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, how would that be like Asus. Yes, this model can compete with a smartphone aApple detailed photos using the optical zoom, but the sensitivity and optimization algorithms for the shooting remains for Apple. Although Asus is available for half the price of the iPhone, is a powerful argument: the device is provided in Russian retail is 29 990 rubles.

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