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As the famous Chinese manufacturers of mobile devices cheat buyers

Many fans of Chinese gadgets sure that it is cheaper to buy a product from China than to pay a premium for branded goods. Why, for example, to buy a stylish smart watch W2 is Elephone Apple Watch to your iPhone? Ixbt has led a good example of what can turn a habit to follow the rule “Why pay more?”.

So, the manufacturer Elephone everywhere reports that it is compatible with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3. It says in the user guide and on the official website. Ibid. in the section of questions and answers the representative of the Elephone confirms (in a communication dated 20 January 2016):

THL W2 Smart Watch support Android and IOS Mobile

However, if we go in the Apple App Store, we find there is no app on search Pipo W2. In the leaflet you can download with QR code, but the link from it leads to the file .apk, so this app for Android.

So, an iOS application in fact do not. And the point here is not geographic restrictions, and the like. On the official website of the Elephone ask (post from January 22):

What is the name of the App for W2 watch and is it in the App Store?

What the manufacturer says:

We will release the app download on our website, please check our website.

The key word is will. That is, the watch is already released, and the application — not yet.

Another user on the same day says:

Is the app available in the App Store and what name please.

And receives the answer:

Please check Ele W2 Smart watch App here

The link contains the same QR code. That is, the user instead of the link to the iOS offer app download APK for Android. Support 80 level!

The situation is heating up. People repeatedly asks this question and gets the same answer. People write that on the link there is no iOS app!

When I scan the barcode for the app at it does not find anything. The link from the barcode or barcode is wrong. I want to buy but not till I see the app please.

Please check the guide on our website ,we will update the full details on our website.

What the guide on the website, and what do you mean “we will update the details on our website” remains a mystery.

Questions began to pour in on January 22. After a month of correspondence, some users can not stand the nerves (and you would not have passed, if you had bought with my own money this watch?).

Where is IOS iPhone application??? doesn’t work It is stupid just for android. I bought the pieces and now do not know where is the IOS app. I’m very upset and do not let it be!

Do you think that the representatives of the Elephone answered this cry of the soul?

We are Zopo mobile online store, we will release the full guide on our website.

It was on February 22. After that for a month (until March 21) single question on the website does not appear. I thought it was suspicious. Well, really: first, is the barrage of questions, no clear answer to them, and then — silence. And I’ve decided to write your own message. It turned out that the company has included pre-moderated. Just open casket. Obviously, if the validation was previously, such communications, as quoted above, was not published.

So, to sum:

  • Elephone company has released a smart watch and not released to the iOS app, although all the specs claimed to support iOS.
  • When users discovered the problem and wrote about it on the official Elephone website, the company lied that support for iOS is, and then could not pretend to send a link to it (actually the link led to an Android application).
  • Not once representatives of the Elephone did not recognize that iOS application in principle does not exist.
  • Never once have they apologized.
  • Never they have not offered to return the money to those who bought the clock for use with iPhone and are faced with this absurd problem.
  • To get rid of critics, Elephone do moderated messages. Messages with the request to explain the situation about iOS is the app that do not pass moderated.
  • At the time of writing the article (early April) the problem still persists. That is more than two months the product is available for purchase, and the promised compatibility with iOS is not!
  • I describe this situation not only due specific hours, but because I think it is very significant for Chinese companies Elephone level. Choosing their product (watch, smartphone, tablet, anything), you need to understand that if the specs of the device written something, then there is no guarantee that it will be so. To write about the compatible with iOS and not to release the app — easy! Further, when you have already bought the product, you find yourself alone with any problem. The manufacturer is to spit on you and your reputation. He was not even embarrassed that such a disgraceful dialogue unfolds right in front of him on the official site. More precisely, confused, so I decide just to do pre-moderation.

    For self-respecting company would have been unthinkable to the situation that the product came out, and to use them fully — impossible. But if for a second to admit that this happened and the product went on sale, and the app is not yet available (you never know, Apple for some reason does not let him, for example, or suddenly discovered a critical issue), the company would have to publicly apologize, to suspend sales and offer a bonus to all those who have already bought the watch. The behavior in such situations demonstrates what the company is actually. It’s a litmus test, showing its relation to the consumers and to its own products, the debugged business processes, etc. After all, if the manufacturer could not do such a simple thing, releasing a mobile app simultaneously with the release of the product, if support is lying publicly in a month, is it possible to wait from such company that approach to other aspects of the work will be serious and honest?

    Strictly speaking, there is cheating customers. Besides, I promised product with a single functionality, and sold. So still and began to lie on its website in response to user messages. The question arises to what extent this deliberate deception. That is, did the support on the website when he answered about the compatibility with iOS, no iOS app is actually not? And did the manufacturer that its employees behave so indecent and unprofessional?

    Of course, in global terms it is a trifle. Watch (especially so) is purely a niche product. And the majority of potential customers probably use Elephone Android phones. But the attitude of the few, but existing users who need the promised iOS app, very revealing. Imagine the next time you want to save.

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