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As Huawei will win a share of Apple in the smartphone market?

The top Manager of Huawei Richard Yu in an interview with Bloomberg said the company will respond to the “jubilee” iPhone 8 and as strengthens its position in the industry.

Mr. Yu leads the consumer electronics division to Huawei and loves to talk to reporters. A year and a half ago, he was convinced by 2019, the Chinese company will replace Apple, and in 2021 — and the leader of smartphone, Samsung Electronics. Last fall the plan there were details they were supposed to beat the competition from Cupertino “innovation in innovation”. Now, in conversation with Bloomberg Yu admitted — rate adjusted:

“We are leaving the segment of affordable devices, as margin margin is too low and does not bring us profit. In the priority European markets, China and Japan. Countries with a developed economy, where people are able to buy.”

Huawei Mate 9

Huawei will cease to spend resources on the development of the “public sector” and focus on the lines P — P and Mate. Last update in exactly the iPhone 8, hoping to influence the potential buyers of iOS flagship.

“We will introduce a more powerful product. Have a Mate 10 battery much tougher screen on the entire panel, higher charging rate, it is better photographed and has many other features that will help us in competition with Apple.”

The earlier focus on low-cost smartphones refused Sony and HTC, but the approach has not helped them to return to the top vendors by shipments in the top three still Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

Smartphone shipments in 2017, IDC.

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