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Artificial intelligence from the creators of the knowledge base Siri determines what is shown on photos

The company Wolfram Research, created the knowledge base for voice assistant Siri, has released a new service that tries to determine what is shown in the photo. On the project website under the name the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project anyone can test the skill of the robot.

The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project — demonstration of features ImageIdentify, which appeared in the Wolfram programming language, featuring a large number of built-in information about the world. The main achievement of the developers believe that artificial intelligence, which is the basis of the new service, fully integrated with the programming language Wolfram Language as a massive block programming based on knowledge.

The project website States that the service is able to distinguish 10,000 objects. There is a list of things that the car can’t keep it up: UFOs, abstract art, people, and objects that are not found in everyday life. British mathematician and programmer Stephen Wolfram blog showed a few examples and not very successful attempts of the service to determine the content of the photos.

Wolfram Research plans to release a public API for developers who can create applications based on Wolfram Language Image Identification Project. Thus, the company hopes that the knowledge base and capabilities of the Wolfram Language will be greatly expanded, and the program will be able to more accurately recognize different kinds of animals, devices, and other things.

Project Tungsten is not the only public service that defines the content of the photos. Google has an app Goggles, Amazon Firefly technology (and using it Flow app iOS, Android) and Yahoo integrated its technology of image recognition in a photo app Flickr.

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