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The 7 most annoying features of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very decent machine. Productive, functional with a great design it is called the main competitor of the Apple brand smartphones. However, the South Korean flagship is not without some serious shortcomings. Resource a selection of the reviews of the first buyers of the smartphone, dissatisfied with the Galaxy S8.

1. The screen starts to light up without asking

The Galaxy S8 and the S8+ is a pretty capacious battery. Them without problems on the day of use, so charging the device is done generally, not in extreme need and for the future: the user goes to sleep and puts the phone to charge. Alas, as previous models of Samsung, while charging Galaxy S8 is behaving very oddly.

All Samsung smartphones have a very bad habit to signal charging the battery turning on the display. This means that as soon as the middle of the night to charge up to 100% of the smartphone screen will light an entire room with its light. To disable this behavior is not possible.

2. “Junk” apps that cannot be deleted

Users of Android devices have become accustomed to the pre-installed garbage. Every developer is trying to cram in your shell as many of its own software. But it seems that Samsung brought this mess to a new level. With the Galaxy S8, the user receives 20 pre-installed applications. Neither one of them you will not use daily. And delete most of them. Will have to accept.

3. Useless second store

Another irritating addition store Samsung Galaxy Store, which nobody uses. If a person needs the app, it opens Google Play. But Samsung somehow thinks that the presence of your own shop with the same applications will make use of the smartphone more convenient. No, I will not do it.

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4. Starts to slow down over time

Galaxy S8 is the most powerful in the Android ecosystem, although inferior to the performance of the iPhone 7 Plus. The device is equipped with Snapdragon processor 835 and 4 GB of RAM. At the beginning of the device is really works quickly. But the longer you use them, the more noticeable becomes small slowdowns. Nothing critical, this problem is in all Android smartphones. But from the apparatus of such a high-class expecting higher quality optimization.

5. The smartphone is unfriendly to left-handers

In the past Samsung has released Galaxy S6 Edge. Only one side of the display of this smartphone were bent, so that comfort to use only right-handed. But now that the flagships have become symmetrical, the situation has not changed. Although the display of Galaxy S8 is bent in both directions, the smartphone is simply not available software options to move the icons on the left side of the display. Apparently, the developers just didn’t think about that.

The fingerprint scanner, which is located on the side of the main camera is also more convenient to use right-handed.

7. You cannot customize the applications menu

Galaxy S8 running the operating system Android Nougat. This version of the OS offers many possibilities for personalization of the smartphone. But one of the things that you cannot change in the shell Samsung way to navigate applications menu. Many users prefer to view applications in a list to scroll through from top to bottom. But in Galaxy S8 you can just flip the page horizontally. A trifle, but unpleasant, especially given the narrow elongated display of the gadget.

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7. Unfinished software solutions

Native software Galaxy S8 works pretty good. Samsung did a very thorough job of trying to diversify and complement the basic functions of the raw version of Android Nougat. Alas, much was left undone.

For example, Samsung has included in its sheath the voice assistant Google Assistant. It’s pretty cool, especially considering that the previously promised voice assistant Bixby late with the release. In version Samsung command “OK Google” only works when your device is connected to a charger. That is, during charging you can activate the phone by voice. But if it is just lying somewhere on the table or into the pocket — no. A very strange decision.

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