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Twitter introduced a large-scale redesign of the application with round avatars and update the counters in real time

Twitter announced the largest in the last few years updating the mobile application. The changes aim to the official client, it was easier to use: the developers have improved the navigation, updated the typography and redrew almost all the icons.

The large changes in Twitter for iOS. Place section Notifications went to the Explore tab, combining current topics, trends, and search, and all functions associated with configuration, including the access profile and privacy settings was made in a new menu slide out from the left.

In the bottom of the page are four tab instead of five: home, search, mentions and private messages. The company made all the images a user profile is round. Typography has become more consistent: bold, clear discriminating section separates the main content from additional information. In addition, information on the number of replies, retweets and “likes” are updated in real time.

Links now open within the application itself, using the built in viewer Safari. It facilitates the process of signing in to accounts on different websites, and allows you to use an ad-blocker Apple.

The 7.0 version of Twitter for iOS and Android will be available during the day.

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