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Apple’s customers are willing to pay 1000 dollars for a new iPhone

So say analysts at UBS, who interviewed 500 persons in order to understand whether buyers are to pay $ 1,000 for a new iPhone. This was written by Business Insider.

The study showed that 26% of iPhone owners have paid him more than $ 900 in June 2018. Over the same period last year, the figure was 5%. The survey was conducted in the period from April to June of this year.

It is worth noting that iPhone X was released in November 2017. In the period from April to June of 2017, the most expensive Apple smartphone was the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB. It cost $ 969.

“We believe that the pricing strategy Apple is working better than I think most investors. A small decrease of units sold, obviously, but Apple successfully moved the majority of premium customers in the price range of 700-900 dollars to price ranges more than $ 1,000,” said analysts at UBS.

According to rumors, Apple will unveil three iPhones this year. Two models will cost more than $ 1,000 and the third $ 600-700.

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