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The new app will show the nearest currency exchange offices with the best exchange rates

Appeared in the App Store mobile app “Exchangers,” which solves the problem of finding the nearest exchange office with best exchange rates.

A handy tool for keeping track of the current state of the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia are always available on the home screen of the iPhone. You just need to choose a currency, the option of sale or purchase, and the app already can see the next branch. Favorable courses are highlighted in green, and a push notification from the Central Bank in time provide useful information.

When you click on the exchanger, a screen appears with detailed information about the Department and the Bank in the right city. Also opens the opportunity to call and clarify the changing course. Available view all offices in the city on the map, depending on selected search options and filtering. Offices with a favorable course are green, the rest red. When you click on the Bank visible to the current rate.

“For me, as a business owner, time is a precious resource. When the idea of the app, I have laid in its basis not only saving money but also time. “Exchangers” takes into account both, shows favorable currency exchange rates nearby. Today, the “Exchanges” included in the “Top 5” most popular categories “Finance” and “Currency” in the App Store. In the future we plan to create a portal devoted to this subject,” says the release Mikael Askerov, the head Creative Mind Bureau.

In the next version of the app developers are planning to add a widget with favorable exchange rates, push notifications with a given course or jump in %, visual dynamics course by days and sorted by the most a favorable rate.

The app “Exchangers” free and available at this link.

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