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Apple would revise the tax content in the App Store

Apple is considering the possibility of changing the ratio of profits between the application developers and the Corporation in favor of the former. Currently profit from all applications from the online App store, as well as music, movies and other iTunes content is divided in the ratio 70/30 — 30% goes to the company and 70% to the developer. The Corporation is ready to reduce its stake, but only in some cases.

For the first time since the opening of the online stores App Store and iTunes in Cupertino are considering the possibility to change the model on which the profit is distributed between the Apple and the creators of content, reports Kommersant. Many people, especially in the music industry, has repeatedly expressed outrage at the so-called “Apple tax” and the fact that the share which takes a company that is too big. Part of the services is going to reduce payments due to the increase in the number of customers, others, such as music service Spotify, increase price by monthly subscription through iTunes costs $12,99, while directly via Spotify — $9,99.

In the past year, Apple has paid developers over in-app purchases and subscription of about $10 billion According to the estimates of some analysts, now the application is placed in the online store Android provides developers more revenue than the App Store.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the new formula of calculation of the profits will be applied first to the service, including the purchase or the subscription system. That is, the new system will be used in the case of subscription to Newspapers and magazines through the App Store, television services or streaming music and video services type Spotify, but will not apply to other applications — there will continue the current system of 70/30.

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Streaming music and video services are becoming more common — according to a study by Nielsen SoundScan, last year the popularity of streaming music services increased by 54%. It is expected that at WWDC on Monday, the Corporation will present its own music streaming service, providing unlimited access to music for $10 a month.

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