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Samsung wants to solve the main problem of their smartphones, renaming the TouchWiz in the Samsung Experience

Google operating system has come a long way and now boasts a stable enough work on the flagship models. At the same time, the products of Samsung running the OS, often criticized for the interface and not the best speed TouchWiz. The latter manages to not work perfectly smoothly even on the flagship devices, including the Galaxy Note 7 long-suffering, and even budget models and can not speak. Apparently Samsung decided to get rid of this legacy.

In beta 7.0 Android for Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge, and in the configuration item name of the shell you can see the name Samsung Experience, not TouchWiz. And the version is listed as the eighth. Apparently, the manufacturer wants users to forget all the bad things associated with that name.

By the way, Samsung has long does not use the TouchWiz brand in relation to your own shell, this name is not reflected in any official statements or materials last time. So that item on the settings menu was almost the only place resembling that proprietary shell called TouchWiz Home.

It was previously reported that Google is going to help Samsung overcome the problem with a proprietary interface and rid it of errors that were made by Korean programmers. The main competitor of Apple decided to focus on improving the interface of their smartphones, allowing professionals to optimize the code underlying the customized version of Android. In the new version of the TouchWiz interface should be faster and more economical.

It is too early to draw conclusions, but it seems that the brand TouchWiz will either be abolished altogether or it will affect only the flagship devices of Samsung. Except the name has changed and the appearance of the shell based on Android 7.0.

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