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Apple will speed up the Internet in Uzbekistan

Apple and “daughter” operator Vimpelcom in Uzbekistan — Unitel, working under the Beeline brand, plans to sign an agreement that will allow subscribers of the mobile operator to make full use of the capabilities of LTE networks, the newspaper reports Sputnik.

It is reported that the frequency of 850 MHz, which are currently used in the country are not very widespread in the world, so default Apple opens them for use on the iPhone.

“We are faced with the problem that the Apple which, although supportive of our frequency, not fully can use the capabilities of LTE networks in Uzbekistan. It’s a fourth generation works, but for example, at a frequency of 2600 MHz.

We contacted Apple and were told that the frequency of 850 MHz, the default is closed, but you can unlock it at the level of their software. For this the American side you just need to make a certain upgrade, which is possible under certain conditions from the Beeline”, — said the representative of the company.

For a positive decision in this issue Apple needs to check the network Beeline — is it deployed, what is the signal strength and several other parameters. Hand, said the source, already passed this stage and reached the stage of signing of the specific agreement which may be concluded in the first half of 2017.

The interviewee said that iPhone users do not have something extra to buy, it will just update from Apple. “IPhone owners almost do not notice the Americans are doing it, and not on the device,” – said the source.

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