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Apple will sell in 2015 from 9 to 12 million Apple Watch

In 2015, Apple will sell from 9 to 12 million smart watches Apple Watch. With such a forecast made by analysts research Agency Digitimes Research.

Apple Watch already created about 11 500 apps, including Facebook Messenger, iTranslate, Transit and GoPro, and upgrading the operating system to watchOS 2 will bring support for more rapid and effective programs. Now Apple is actively developing the geography of sales of an electronic bracelet. However, this will not help the company to achieve indicators, which some experts predict, according to Digitimes Research.

According to analysts, Apple Watch lacks innovative programs for which users decide to purchase an expensive product. Without them, the demand for the Apple Watch can weaken even despite the wide range of modifications with different cases and straps.

I must say that Digitimes Research one of the most pessimistic today. In particular, the IDC experts believe that in 2015, shipments of the Apple Watch can reach 13.9 million pieces, and experts Tractica predicts annual shipments of smart watches on the level of 16.7 million anyway, the Apple Watch is the most sold wearable device on the market.

On Wednesday Apple announced the delay of the release of the update watchOS 2 due to a detected critical error. The company will be working to resolve the problem and promise to make a release in the near future.

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