Apple will reduce the monobrow iPhone 12

With the release of the iPhone X in 2017, a new era in the design of the iPhone has begun. Apple abandoned the familiar Home button, and replaced the standard rectangular display with a panel with a monobrow for the speaker, camera and sensors. The new design did not appeal to everyone, but it seems that Apple does not plan to move away from it, at least in the coming year for sure. But there is good news. The iPhone 12 monobrow will be noticeably smaller.

Apple will reduce the monobrow iPhone 12

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Blogger John Prosser, who has recently been actively pouring information on future Apple innovations to the Web, has shown production drawings of the iPhone 12. Judging by these diagrams, the cutout on the top of the iPhone 12 will be about twice as narrow as on previous iPhone models. At the same time, the company will be able to fit all the necessary components there – a speaker, a front camera, an ambient light sensor, a proximity sensor and an infrared camera for face recognition. The remaining frames around the display will be reduced. This will increase the screen diagonal, while maintaining the same dimensions of the case.

Apple will reduce the monobrow iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 flagship series is expected to be unveiled this fall. But her exit may be a little delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the problems with supplies and production that arose against her background.

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