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Apple will help to reduce the size of online video

Apple joins consortium Alliance to help other companies to develop new technologies of video compression. This was reported by the publication CNET.

Journalist Stephen Checkland wrote about the fact that Apple joined the group of corporations involved in the development of compressed video formats. The Alliance is developing a new method of video decoding, which will greatly reduce the size rollers that will have a positive impact on the speed of their load and reduce the amount of consumed Internet traffic.

On a new technology already working giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Nvidia, Netflix. And also other companies connected with the Internet and media industry.

Technology, over which the consortium operates, called AV1. According to the developers, it allows to reduce the size of video files will be 25-35% more in comparison with other similar codecs: HEVC and VP9. This reduces the amount of data moved over the network as the compression happens before the video is loaded. But keep in mind that video compression will require more powerful hardware. Will increase the load on the server.

Also Checkland noted that Apple has already developed its own format for video decoding last year. Unfortunately, the company faced many challenges in the registration of patents. The journalist believes that this could encourage Apple to work on a new independent codec.

The consortium Alliance confirmed that the new standard AV1 will be free. That is, no company will be able to charge patent payments for the use of technology in hardware and software of other companies.

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