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The Popslate cover 2 turns your iPhone into a YotaPhone 2 [video]

In the distant by the standards of the industry 2012 MacDigger wrote about an unusual case for the iPhone called popSlate. He stood out that contained E Ink screen, allowing to expand the capabilities of the device Apple.

Was popular the case, is unknown. But now the developers have launched the second generation of the accessory. The popSlate case 2 is designed on the same principle, only this time for more modern gadgets. The presented model for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6 Plus.

Of cases for smaller smartphones diagonal electrophoretic screen is 4.3 inches and larger at 4.7 inches. In both cases a density of 200 pixels per inch. Also some bend of screen. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the display is unbreakable.

With the smartphone case connects via Lightning connector. This is due to the presence of the case’s own battery of unknown capacity, which should be enough to provide 9 hours of talktime for the iPhone 6(s) Plus 6 hours for the iPhone 6(s).

The screen case can be used for different scenarios. This e-book reader, and displaying news, clocks, to-do list, photos, and discount cards.

As for size, the new product will add to the thickness of the smartphone additional 6.5 mm or 4.1 mm depending on the modification.

popSLATE 2 is available in white, black and grey colors. Currently on the manufacturer’s website taking preorders for a version of case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 6 Plus at a price of $129. Accessory for iPhone 6/6s will be released in the near future.

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