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Apple Watch 2 will support cellular and GPS module

It was a year since the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch and the Network began to appear information about the second generation of the device. According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, the smart watch in a new reincarnation can acquire your own cellular phone module.

In 2010, Apple announced its first iPad. In the beginning of 2011 was introduced iPad 2 which is thinner, got the camera and many new features. It was a qualitative leap between the two versions. It is highly likely that “smart” clock Apple Watch we can expect a similar situation. As it became known that in 2016 Apple will show to the world the second model of branded watches. It will have superior features and will not require the bonding of the iPhone to complete the work. All applications can be installed and run directly on the watch.

According to network sources, Apple Watch 2 can become more independent gadget-with a cellular phone module. This will allow the device to make calls and listen to music from Apple Music streaming without having to hold the iPhone-connected smart watch. The gadget will be more powerful processor and built-in GPS module. Now to get geo-location data to a wearable computer is forced to turn to iPhone.

According to available data, the second generation Apple Watch will receive internal improvements, but the exterior design remains unchanged. Updated the “stuffing” needs to involve the use of Apple Watch more than a mass audience. Redesign Apple Watch is expected in 2017: the unit will become significantly thinner.

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Earlier it was reported that during the first year of sales of the Apple Watch from the company was Cupertinos implement two times more devices than the first generation iPhone in 2007.

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