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Apple wants to hide the failure of their drones

08.05.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Apple recently joined other it giants to test Autonomous vehicles in the city. Of course, imagine dense flows of robomobile with a bitten Apple is too early: now we are talking about the three hybrid crossover Lexus RX450h sample 2015, which admitted six of the drivers test. As reported on Monday, Content Review, “Apple” giant, sent to the Department of transportation of the state of California a letter requesting to change the report form on the test. Apple is confident that the current format will negatively affect how unmanned vehicles will be perceived by the consumers.

Apple wants to hide the failure of their drones

In a letter to Apple’s demands to exclude from the report information about the failures that can befall a car running its system. In particular, cupertinos not want journalists learned about emergency situations caused by failures of the operating system or platform, about when from the machine, for example, came off the sensor (don’t blame the software) caused by the fault of the driver (in each test the vehicle there is a driver for emergency situations), and is scheduled for testing situations (collision, dangerous moments, etc.).

In addition, Apple is not satisfied with the requirement to report on the results of the experiment and publicly summarize.

The company can understand. During the presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 the smartphone was only a prototype, able to perform only a few functions, clearly scheduled and rehearsed Steve jobs. If iPhone development was inextricably linked with the need to publicly report on each stage, not the fact that the smartphone in the end would be so unique and successful.

Apple wants to hide the failure of their drones

Apple rightly fear that journalists will scrutinize every report on the testing of its robomobile. And if to consider, what about the crash of unmanned vehicles write with great enthusiasm, in Cupertino believe that this will lead to the creation of a negative image of Autonomous cars.

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