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Apple uses Autonomous robots to create a precision platform indoor navigation

Apple uses Autonomous robots with iBeacon sensors in the framework of the project on creation of maps of spaces. According to sources, the new service that simplifies navigation inside large buildings, will work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 9.

Apple is actively developing its mapping service since launching in 2012. However, though constantly improving, it is still far from ideal. As it became known, the company plans to expand its branded cards in iOS 9. In particular, it is planned to add the possibility of laying out routes on foot, by bike, by public transport by metro, as well as indoors. The latter is specially designed for such large buildings as airports, shops and transport hubs.

Uses imaging technology surrounding space, the service will provide owners of mobile devices on iOS plan its location, three-dimensional view of the environment and navigation based on image recognition. New Apple Maps include detailed maps of buildings, the ability to determine the shortest path to find the location of friends, use voice commands.

In addition, the new Apple maps will allow users to plan their routes by public transport. Will be enlarged icon of airports, metro stations and railway stations — this will allow quicker access to data objects. Will be available a new mode in which you want to display the transport routes.

It is expected that Apple maps in iOS 9 when calculating the route will involve several modes of transport, if this will reduce the time on the road. For example, the program can show the route includes passage of two stations on the metro, a few stops by bus and suburban train. In addition, Apple maps will show where there are cafes, shops and private offices and ATMs – in the case of shopping malls, as well as the gates – in the case of airports.

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The announcement of the new features Apple map service is expected at WWDC in June.

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