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Apple unveiled a new line of branded accessories for iPhone 7

In anticipation of the start of sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple unveiled a new line of branded accessories for the new smartphones. Cases, docking stations and adapters are available for order at the official online store of the company.

Case Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 (7 690 rubles)

Case Smart Battery Case designed specifically to increase battery power and protect the iPhone 7. Soft micro fiber lining protects the casing, and its outer silicone surface is soft to the touch. The case is made of soft elastomeric material, so it is easy to put on and take off.

While charging the iPhone and case with battery, user will be able to talk on the phone up to 26 hours to surf the Internet via LTE for up to 22 hours, and even longer to listen to music and watch videos. When the iPhone is in a case Smart Battery Case, on the lock screen and in notification Center displays a battery indicator with accurate information about the residual charge.

Leather case for iPhone 7 (3790 RUB.)

These holsters created by the same designers who have designed the iPhone 7. They just follow the contours of the iPhone, but it does not make it bulky. Accessories made of soft leather produced in Europe, which is covered with a noble patina. Soft inner surface made of microfiber, protect your iPhone. And metal inserts, button closing, suitable in color to his body.

Silicone case for iPhone 7 (2890 RUB.)

Silicone iPhone case 7 is tightly adjacent to the volume buttons and sleep mode, closely follows the contours of the phone, but this does not make it bulky. Soft micro fiber lining protect your iPhone. And an outer silicone surface is very pleasant to the touch.

Dock iPhone 7 with Lightning connector (4090 RUB)

Docking station for iPhone with Lightning connector is available in a metal housing of five colors corresponding to the colors of the iPhone. The choice available colors: black, silver, gold, space gray or rose gold.
A docking station allows you to charge and sync your iPhone with Lightning connector. The smartphone is easily installed on the dock, even in the case of Apple. The user can unlock iPhone or use Touch ID without removing it from the docking station.

Lightning adapter/3.5 mm output for headphones (799 rubles).

This adapter lets you connect devices with a 3.5 mm output to many Lightning accessories. Supports all devices with Lightning connector and iOS 10 or higher, including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

AirPods (12 990 rubles)

AirPods are changing the approach to the use of headphones. When the user pulls the device out of the case, it directly connects to the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Audio playback starts automatically as soon as the user puts them — and stops when she takes off. When you double-tap the headset activates Siri, which you can use to change the volume, call, or even get directions.

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