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Apple TV will feature the pause and rewind television broadcasts

Another patent application filed by Apple sheds light on one of the new functions set-top boxes Apple TV. Published by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) document describes the TimeShift technology, which allows you when watching a TV broadcast put a “pause” and return to viewing from the same place later, and you can use peremeci ether.

In fact, the company’s specialists described the background recording of broadcasts for the Apple TV. The TV console will continuously record the broadcast, and the user can use the remote control or Siri to rewind the track back or put the broadcast on hold. Apple gives a few voice commands to a voice assistant: “Show me a fight between player A and player B”, “Show goal again”, “Show the beginning of the first period.”

The broadcast will be carried out on built-in storage device the Apple TV. In this case, the rewind will work in that time range for which the entry is made. That is, recording starts from the moment when the user enables a particular broadcast. Use of pause and rewind as many times you want.

Technology Apple includes a number of restrictions. First, the recording function will work only for the channel that the user is watching currently. If it involves another app, the recording stops, a record for the channel is not saved. Secondly, the size of the time shift can be limited by the free space in the memory of the Apple TV.

It should be noted that initially, a similar feature called TimeShift appeared in computer TV tuners. Later she was seen in high-end models of television sets and domestic recorders, and media players with the function of receiving TV channels.

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The patent application was filed by Apple last year, and the site of USPTO document published last week. On when the suggested technology might be implemented in the Apple TV, not reported.

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