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Apple started selling portable selfie drone Camera Hover Passport [video]

To capture selfies from a greater distance than allowed by the arm or selfie stick, is the main task, which is designed to solve gadget called the Hover Camera Passport — miniature quadcopter with integrated camera. The original device for shooting pictures and video appeared exclusively at the Apple.

Hover Camera, weighing 242 grams, made of carbon fiber and can take off directly from the palm of your hand. Control is implemented via a special app for the iPhone, and available a few different flight modes. Made of 13-megapixel camera drone image is stored in the internal memory and can be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone.

The main task of the Hover Camera Passport – to take the selfie. Although in this case the term is somewhat incorrect. Also the UAV can lead 4K shooting panoramas, and follow the master. In order to take a picture or start recording video, just a special gesture. The drone can reach speeds of 30 km/hour on a single charge of the battery flies for about 10 minutes.

Control Hover Camera Passport is very simple. To run it you need to bring in the unfolded position, to raise and release.

Hover Camera Passport can be purchased now on Apple’s official website and from distributors in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong and the UK. The device priced at $ 499.

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