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Apple sold in the second quarter, 3.6 million Apple Watch

In the second quarter of 2015, Apple has shipped to retailers 3.6 million smart watches Apple Watch. The results of the relevant research was published by research firm IDC.

According to analysts, sales of the Apple Watch getting closer to sales Fitbit – one of the largest manufacturers of fitness trackers and wearable electronics. IDC said that in the near future the developer of the fitness bracelets will lose market share and Apple will become the leader in the segment of wearable electronics.

For the second quarter sales of wearable electronics has grown to 18.1 million units. It 223,2% more than the same period of the previous year. The segment leader is the company Fitbit, who could implement 4,4% million devices, with 24.3% market share). Compared with the second quarter of 2014, the manufacturer was able to increase shipments by 158,8%. Apple is in second place with 3.6 million “smart” hours (19.9 percent market share). The third line of the rating took another newcomer – the company Xiaomi. It sells fitness trackers at an affordable price that allowed to realize her 3.1 million devices (17.1 percent market share).

In fourth place with a substantial lag from the Troika of leaders located the Garmin. She sold 0.7 million wearable devices (3.9%) and in comparison with last year has increased its sales by 40%. Fifth place went to the Samsung with the figure of 0.6 million units or 3.3%. She is one among the leaders reduced the volume of sales of wearable devices – by 25%. All others manufacturers total sold 5.7 million wearable devices (31,5%), increasing the volume of supply on 119,2%.

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