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Apple said that the GPU Imagination knew about the upcoming termination of the contract, but remained silent

In April, the company Imagination Technologies, graphics solutions which are used in iOS devices said that Apple in the near future will completely refuse from licensing its products. This has led to a sharp drop in shares of the company, which last years supplied the GPU for the iPhone and iPad. In early may, it was reported that Imagination Technologies has decided to sue Apple and to sell some of its divisions to stay afloat. And now, in the case of the severance of relations Imagination Technologies and Apple, new details.

Apple accused the management of the British developer of the GPU to untimely disclosure of information that has significant value for shareholders. At a meeting with investors, the head of Imagination said that the plans of us giant computer electronics to terminate the contract was made known to him at the end of March, but in Cupertino insist that said partner about their intentions 9 Feb.

While Imagination has notified the shareholders about these changes, only on 3 April, after which there was a collapse of the company’s stock.

Apple blames the user Imagination, not only in withholding information. The iPhone maker claims that in 2015 put Imagination informed about the intention to cease to use its designs in their products in an uncertain future.

Chapter Imagination continues to believe that Apple will not be able to completely do without any kind of patented solutions for which you will have to make contributions first.

The situation takes on a judicial perspective, and the shareholders of the Imagination can act as the injured party, Apple – as a witness, and the accused are the people who run British company, which is for sale.

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Previously, Apple has confirmed that it is working on its own graphics architecture and don’t need any more technology from Imagination Technologies. Own graphics company can find application in the Apple A12.

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