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Apple returned the money for the fake game

18 Dec 2017 appeared in the App Store knockoff of the popular game Cuphead. The fake app immediately. December 21, Apple began to return money to all users who have downloaded the game. This publication reports Touch Arcade.

Only when the forgery was discovered, the defra uded customers had to go to a special section of the support website and fill out an application for a refund in English. However, after just three days, the Corporation decided to return the money as a preventative measure absolutely everything installed the app users. The fee for the game went to the accounts of even those customers who never thought to fill out any forms.

This is not the first puncture of the App Store. 11 Dec 2017 among the most popular apps was discovered a fake wallet for crypto-currencies.

Perhaps the incident with the false applications compelled the company to revise the rules of product placement in the App Store. However, Apple checks apps are much stricter than the administration of Google Play.

If you believe the reviews on Touch Arcade, users who paid for the fake game, reacted to the situation with understanding and appreciated the fact that the Corporation returned the money immediately.

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