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Apple has released an update with Clips of new figures and characters from Disney and Pixar

Apple has released an update branded applications for video Clips. The new version includes dozens of hand-drawn figures and cards, as well as interface improvements that enable even easier to turn videos and photos into a vivid expressive video.

Now iPhone and iPad users can add their videos classic Disney characters and Pixar. Clips in 1.1 appeared animated figures Mickey mouse, Minnie mouse, Donald duck and Daisy Duck, and cartoon characters Pixar “toy Story” and “Puzzle”: the user can appear with woody and Jessie or show your emotions together with Joy, Fear and other characters.

Complement the collection of characters of a new animated e-cards created by Disney: you can add them to videos as screen savers.

In addition, in Clips, there were 10 new figures, created by Apple, as well as 12 greeting cards with gorgeous graphics, beautifully drawn backgrounds and customizable animated text. From the sparkling surface of the water before slowly creeping smoke and animating three-dimensional paintings — new cards expand the possibilities of creating videos in iOS.

App Clips installed on all new devices running iOS and is also available for free download in the App Store.

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